Hermina Hospital Launches New Logo on RI's Independence Day

Hermina Hospital Launches New Logo on RI's Independence Day

Jakarta, 17 August 2023  - Hermina Hospital officially announced the launch of the new logo on the 78th Indonesian Independence Day which falls on Thursday, 17 August 2023 at Hermina Tower, Central Jakarta.

Founded in 1985, starting from a hospital with special services for mothers and children, now Hermina Hospital continues to develop wider public services. The development of this service is of course inseparable from efforts to build a new brand image through changing the logo as a manifestation of the transformation of a public hospital that continues to adhere to the vision and mission of Hermina Hospital.

The new logo of Hermina General Hospital has the meaning of every shape, color and writing. The green cross shape indicates a healthcare institution or hospital. The letter H stands for Hermina which is a public hospital. The downward curved line (position above) means protecting patients and stakeholders and the upward curved line (position below) means that Hermina is supported by professional human resources with a high commitment to keep growing and being prominent in the area it covers.

The launch of the new logo of the General Hermina Hospital was the result of a competition which was participated in by all permanent employees of Hermina throughout the archipelago with full meaning and conformity to the vision and mission of Hermina Hospital.

Not only the logo, Hermina also launched a new plaque which is used as a form of appreciation for agencies or partners who work with Hermina. The placard in the shape of a person depicts employees in Hermina's environment. The circular shape of the hand depicts commitment, protection, warmth towards patients with the goal of growing and being prominent in their area of ​​coverage.

With the renewal of Hermina's logo, plaque and greeting "We Commit, We Lead", it is hoped that this will become a new spirit for Hermina General Hospital so that it can grow even bigger and continue to expand the network of health services in a professional, wise manner, and continues to play an active role in improving service quality and patient safety according to with the standard of health services in Indonesia.
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