Hermina Hospitals is also committed to TB screening activities in the Big Chain Hospital Engagement

Hermina Hospitals is also committed to TB screening activities in the Big Chain Hospital Engagement

Hermina Hospital Committed to TBC Screening Activities 

Large Private Hospital Network 


Jakarta, 16 October 2023 – Hermina Hospital is also present at the kickoff 

meeting with USAID Tuberculosis Private Sector (TBPS) support for Big 

Chain Hospitals. The event was held on Monday, October 16, 2023 at Ayana 

Midplaza Hotel, Central Jakarta. 

Tuberculosis (TBC) is one of the highest number of health problems, both 

globally and in Indonesia. In 2022, the Ministry of Health and a network of 

major private hospitals in Indonesia, one of which is Hermina Hospital, has 

been working together on the national tuberculosis response program. 

“We appreciate all the management of the center and its networking hospitals, 

which are 100% private hospitals under a large network of engaged in the TB 

program by reporting suspected to SITB. Hopefully, this commitment can be 

a good practice for other private hospitals to engage in the TB program.” 

Imran Pambudi, MPHM., as Director of Contagious Disease Prevention and 


By the end of 2023, this large private hospital network involvement will focus 

on 6 activities:

1) Identify suspected tuberculosis through systematic 

Tuberculosis (TBC) screening to all visiting patients;

2) Expand access to 

quality diagnosis enforcement to all suspected tuberculosis information 

systems (SITB), and SATUSEHAT to ensure the record and reporting of 

Tuberculosis (TBC)TB patients from all hospital service units;

3) Increase the 

capacity of health workers through Tuberculosis (TBC) coaching and e- 

learning activities. 

This intensive Tuberculosis (TBC) screening activity is expected Hermina 

Hospital can help the discovery of Tuberculosis (TBC) cases as early aspossible so that treatment can be done more quickly until patients are healthy 

and can contribute to lowering the number of Tuberculosis (TBC) cases in 


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