Phacoemilsification measures at Hermina Makassar Hospital

Phacoemilsification measures at Hermina Makassar Hospital

Hello Hermina friends. Hermina Makassar Hospital is now here to provide cataract surgery services using Phaco Emulsification technology, which is the most up-to-date cataract surgery technique. Ordinary common people call this action an eye laser. With this technology, an ophthalmologist uses ultrasonic vibrations to destroy the lens of the eye affected by cataracts. This cataract surgery can be done for all patients, including babies with congenital cataracts at birth to elderly patients.

As for the advantages of cataract surgery with phacoemulsification, patients can go home immediately after the operation process or the one day care system. This operation has also been guaranteed by BPJS (according to medical indications), insurance (according to the benefits of each patient) and private payments.

Information and registration can call 085399009395 (Olga)

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