Come on DEPOMIL (Deposit for Pregnant Women) and Get Many Benefits

Come on DEPOMIL (Deposit for Pregnant Women) and Get Many Benefits

One of the things that need to be prepared during pregnancy is funds for later delivery. FOR PROSPECTIVE PARENTS, it is better to PREPARE from the beginning of pregnancy. Hermina Pandanaran Hospital provides a solution for Sahabat Hermina with the DEPOMIL (Maternity Deposit) program / saving for childbirth costs and the benefits of getting a childbirth discount and one level upgrade facility from the classes taken.

Benefits of Following the DEPOMIL Program:

  • Maternity Discount Up to 10%
  • Free Pregnancy Exercise 1X
  • Special price for USG 3D / 4D 750,000
  • Baby Massage 2X 50% Discount
  • BCG Vaccine 1X 50% Discount
  • Free Polio Vaccine 1X
  • Post SC Physiotherapy 1X Discount 25%

DEPOMIL Requirements:

  • Personal payments
  • Registration starts at 16 - 36 weeks of gestation
  • The minimum deposit for the first deposit is IDR 500,000

Come to Hermina Pandanaran Hospital, fill out the registration form, then deposit a deposit at the cashier. For further information, please contact the PMO Midwife (Bidan Lian 081326154283 / Bidan Elis 085600001931)


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