Lactation Counselor at RSU Hermina Solo

Lactation Counselor at RSU Hermina Solo

Hello Hermina Solo Friends!

The breastfeeding process is not always easy. The many obstacles at the start of breastfeeding often make mothers worry that it will affect their little one's growth and development.

But there's no need to worry, you can ask about your complaints when consulting at the Lactation clinic at Hermina Hospital Solo with Dr. Shinta Riana, Sp.A and Dr. Corina Lisa, Sp.A., M.Sc.

Registration can be done via

0857-2288-0552 (Vinda)

Hermina friends can also update other information via:

1. Website

2. Call Center 1500488

3. Instagram @rsuherminasolo

4. Hermina Mobile Application



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