Hermina Pandanaran Hospital Scaling Promo

Hermina Pandanaran Hospital Scaling Promo

Dental scaling is a non-surgical procedure performed to clean and remove plaque and tartar on the teeth. This procedure is one of the most common dental procedures performed. Plaque is a thin, yellow or white layer that sticks to the teeth. Plaque forms when bacteria mix with food debris left in the mouth, especially foods that contain sugar and flour. Plaque that is allowed to harden and mix with saliva will trigger the formation of tartar or tartar. Plaque and tartar contain millions of bacteria and if not cleaned regularly, can lead to periodontitis, tooth decay, or even tooth loss.

Get a scaling promo at Hermina Pandanaran Hospital at a rate of IDR 325,500 per jaw


Scaling promo valid from 31 January 2022 - 31 April 2022

Don't forget to register on H-1, ma'am, for more complete information, please contact (Cahya 088 226 343 917)

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