Early Detection and Intervention of Child Growth and Development Disorders

Early Detection and Intervention of Child Growth and Development Disorders

Hermina's friends early detection and intervention in child growth and development disorders are early examinations by finding deviations in children's growth and development. It is important for parents to know that their children are growing optimally, parents need to escort children to their growth and development because parents are an important factor, must be swift and care about their children's lives at the beginning of their growth

Entering the age of 3 months the baby will show the strength of his neck that has begun to form, at this age the baby can already raise his head, can already grasp objects, can already see his mother smile, can already say his first word, can already imitate and laugh imitating his mother's expression. The following is an explanation in terms of growth, development and some of what disorders are found, so that parents can quickly intervene or determine therapeutic measures for their children.


Growth : increase in physical size and body structure in part or in whole, so that it can be measured by units of length and weight.

Development: the increase in more complex body structures and functions in the ability of rough motion, fine motion, speech, and language as well as socialization and independence.

Some growth and development disorders that are often found:

1. Speech and language disorders

2. Short stature

3. Autism disorders

4. Mental retardation

5. Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (GPPH)

Early detection of growth disorders:

1. Growth monitoring (weight, length/height, head circumference)

2. Determination of the nutritional status of children

Early detection of developmental disorders:

1. Child development screening

2. Hearing power test

3. Power test view

4. Early detection of deviations in emotional behavior

5. Early detection of autism in preschoolers

6. Early detection of hyperactivity in children

Early intervention of developmental disorders : directed developmental stimulation carried out intensively for 2 weeks and followed by evaluation of the results of developmental stimulation interventions.

Parents and families are instructed to intervene according to the problems or deviations found in their child.

If developmental disorders are not treated, it is necessary to intervene by health workers related to child growth and development. Immediately consult a Pediatrician at Hermina Periuk Tangerang Hospital.

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