The Importance of Cleaning Tartar

The Importance of Cleaning Tartar

Tartar is one of the causes of problems that occur in the mouth. Moreover, tartar will not disappear by brushing your teeth regularly.

What is tartar?

The bacteria in the mouth process the food residue on the teeth, then it becomes a sticky layer that is widely found on our teeth, called plaque.
When plaque builds up and is not cleaned regularly and thoroughly, it will harden (calcify) into tartar.
Tartar can form in two places, namely the supra gingiva (above the gums, attached to the teeth) and the sub gingiva (under the gums).

Then when should we clean tartar?

To find out the right time to clean tartar, you must first consult with a dentist.

Tartar can make it difficult for you to brush your teeth. Tartar can also cause cavities and tooth decay.
Coral that builds beyond the gum line can be a nightmare. This is because the bacteria in it can cause irritation to the gums.
Over time, this can progress to gum disease. The mildest form of gum disease is gingivitis or inflammation of the gums.

Some people think that brushing your teeth diligently will help remove tartar, in fact, tartar cannot be cleaned with a regular toothbrush.
By performing scaling which is handled by a dentist and the completeness of existing tools, the tartar can be cleaned thoroughly.

Dental tartar cleaning by a dentist uses a special tool called an ultrasonic scaler. The resulting vibration will release tartar that is firmly attached to the teeth.

It should be noted that delaying scaling will usually cause food residue to mix with saliva and then harden and stick to the teeth (a thicker tartar will form).
Germs and bacteria will multiply and cause severe damage to the teeth. One of them is the occurrence of mobility in the teeth.
Therefore, it is better to perform scaling treatment as soon as possible so that the teeth are always healthy and awake.

Dental scaling is recommended to be done every 6 months. However, for some cases of severe tartar, dental scaling can be done every 3 months or as needed.
Usually when doing dental scaling there may be a little bleeding.
That's because the gums and tartarized teeth adjust to the scaling process.

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